Drinks and Apps

You know those friends who can’t be away from their iPhones for any length of time? (Like, um, ME, for instance?) These wine glass charms are sure to appease them with the comforting, familiar icons they love and need. Maybe it will even be enough to convince them to leave their phones in the car. Or, more likely, they’ll be snapping pics of your cool wine charms with their iPhones. In fact — it’s already on your Facebook wall. Jeez, that was fast!

This set of eight “iTiles” is constructed from vintage classic Scrabble tiles with silver and hematite beading on a shimmering silver hoop, and includes a wood rack for storage and display. (The Scrabble letter is visible on reverse.) There are a lot more than eight shown here, so you’ll have to let me know which ones you want. I can also customize your set with your own favorite apps (Angry Birds? Shazam? Google?) — just send me a message with your preferences. And I’ll get it immediately, because I am staring at my iPhone right now.

Please visit my Etsy shop to purchase or to view other collections!


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