They’re Real, and They’re Spectacular

IMG_0226Personally, I can’t get through one day without a Seinfeldism — not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some of those infamous phrases and sayings are captured on these wine glass markers inspired by one of the best shows of all time! Each charm in this set is an authentic Scrabble tile (letter partially viewable on other side), triple-glazed with complementary beadwork, yada yada yada. And every set comes with an authentic wood Scrabble tile holder for storage and display.

Granted, the charms pictured are just a sampling of all the possibilities. Man hands. Low talker. High talker. Spongeworthy. If you have your own preferences, just let me know, and I’ll make your set to order!

And by the way… they’re real… and they’re spectacular. Available on Etsy.