Wine Lovers’ Wine Charms

winelovers1These vibrant wine glass charms extol the wondrous powers of our favorite beverage! Each wine glass marker in this set of eight is constructed from vintage Scrabble tiles (letter partially viewable on other side), with attractive beadwork and a triple-glazed finish. 

The tiles pictured include:

* This may be the wine talking but I LOVE WINE
* Wine is my happy place
* I think we’re gonna need a bigger bottle
* Clearly this is a wine-wine situation
* Wine is cheaper than therapy
* Age improves with wine
* The great thing about wine is EVERYTHING
* Inspiration through fermentation

I can also swap out alternate sayings (or your own private jokes) if you would like! Let me know.

Your set comes with an authentic wood Scrabble tile holder for storage/display of your wine charms. Every set is handmade and prepared to order, so there will be slight variations in patterns and exact beadwork. Please select the color of Scrabble tile you would like — I usually have classic tan tiles, as well as burgundy, blue, and black tiles on hand.

Available on Etsy.