What You’re Really Thinking at Book Club

What are you REALLY thinking at book club? In every book club, there are those who devour each selection cover to cover, those who cram it into the day or two before the meeting, and those who are just there for the wine. You know who you are. And so do these wine charms. 

Each wine glass charm in this set of eight is constructed from vintage Scrabble tiles (letter partially viewable on other side), with attractive beadwork and a triple-glazed finish. 

Recent customers have requested more than eight, though, and I’ve added some more sayings. So, you can request any or all of these in whatever number you need! Please send me a message if you need more than 8, and be sure to specify which saying you would like when you order! We can do:

1. Book Club is My Cardio
2. I Read, Therefore I Drink
3. Book Club Calories Don’t Count
4. Cover to Cover Book Lover
5. I Watched the Movie
6. Our Guys Think We Talk About Books — or — Our Kids Think We Talk About Books
7. Finished It This Morning
8. Next Time Let’s Just Read Wine Labels
9. Only Here for the Wine
10. I Read Between the Wines
11. Wait, There Was an Actual Book?
12. Keep Calm and Book Club
13. I Love Wine Club I Mean Book Club
14. My Drinking Club Has a Book Problem
15. Eat Read Love Drink
16. Thank God it’s Book Club

I can swap in alternate sayings (or your own private jokes) if you would like! Let me know. Available on Etsy.com.

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