Host a Party!

winelovers1What’s a common fixture at most in-home shopping or food-tasting parties? Wine! Lots of glasses of wine! And like any other large gathering where food, fun, and conversation are involved, wine glasses can get mixed up without a wine glass tag or marker to help tell them apart.

And that’s why it makes perfect sense for an at-home shopping party to include wine-charm shopping! Whether in conjunction with a food, wine tasting, cookware or other type of home party — or even a book club gathering, group events, or holiday parties — EssenTiles At Home hosts can show off our high-quality, creative handmade wine charms while earning a commission on every set sold at or after the party!

For more than three years, EssenTiles have been spreading joy and humor through more than a thousand sales on Etsy, through many craft fairs and shows, and at shops around Connecticut, including the gift shop at the New Britain Museum of American Art. They are an original, affordable, customizable gift option with something for everyone. We have an ever-expanding eclectic collection of themes and sayings, or customers can design their own sets with their own ideas or even personal photographs!

By far, the best way to appreciate EssenTiles is to see them in person, doing what they do best 🙂 So if you are a frequent party host, are planning holiday parties, or even if you are looking for an easy complement to other in-home programs, “wine not” give it a try?

We are just getting started with this program, so if you’d like to get information on how be one of our pilot party hosts, please click here to fill out a super-quick form!